Custom Rolls Royce Wraith CoolKicks Edition, Yeezy Giveaway, Tyga's 4x4 Back to Stock!

23 ian. 2020
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Excited to show you guys this beautiful Wraith for our buddy who owns a successful chain of sneaker stores in Los Angeles. His journey has been amazing to see and now we get to give him the RDB treatment on his newly purchased Rolls Royce Wraith!
Its GIVEAWAY TIME! We will be doing more giveaways for our amazing fans! This Giveaway will be a paid of brand new Yeezy Zebra V2 shoes in any size you need!
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➤Chris Brown's Rolls Royce Makeover 3 of a kind, Lamborghini Aventador on fire.
➤Chris D'Elia's Audi RS7, WideBody Huracan for Sale, Salomondrin Visits..
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  • Keep up the great work RDB!!! Never gets old watching the videos!🤝🔥🔥💯

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    • Congratulations you are the winner of the Yeezy Zebra V2's!!! We will DM you on instagram for your size and address!!!!

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  • You guys are the best thank you so much for your videos and your grind #Yeee#Cali

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