How NOT to wrap a car! *TERRIBLE JOB* URUS Full Color Change!

24 feb. 2020
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Where else do you get 1 episode with this many car builds!
-We start this video with a VERY BADLY wrapped Mercedes G Wagon. Wraps can make your car look worse!
-Defender 90 Land Rover Kahn Project Start!
-Lamborghini URUS gets a full color change from Yellow to Satin Black!
-Lamborghini Aventador gets a makeover with a SV factory rear end!


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➤Cut the Roof off G Wagon, Chris Brown's Lamborghini Update!
➤Upgraded 2016 to 2019 Maybach with Stars, Murdered Rolls Royce Dawn.
➤Mclaren Caught By Police 10 Seconds on the Street.
➤BMW X7 Wrapped Frozen White, Viewer Survives 2 Heart Transplants!
➤Mclaren 720S vs Lamborghini Aventador, 570S Makeover with a Wing & Springs. RIP MAMBA
➤Custom Rolls Royce Wraith CoolKicks Edition, Yeezy Giveaway, Tyga's 4x4 Back to Stock!
➤4 Aventador's Ready for Work & a G55 with Useful Modifications.
➤5 Things I Dislike about the Lamborghini Urus & a Very Dead Aventador.
➤Rolls Royce Wraith Damage Fixed, Chris Brown's Aventador ready for a change, Matte Silver Urus.
➤Crazy Mclaren 720S HighLighter Fluorescent Hexis Wrap!
➤3 Modified but Different Lamborghini Urus's Explained.
➤Happy New Year, 2020 Startech Widebody Range Rover!
➤Lamborghini Aventador Orange to Black Wrap, Moses gets new hair...
➤Orange Inside Out Two Tone $400,000 Rolls Royce Dawn, How to change a Bugatti Battery.
➤Color Change 1.2 MIllion Dollar Bugatti, Yellow & Black.
➤Half a Million Dollar Rolls Royce Black Badge Makeover.
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  • Graduated past tense? Tf 🤣 “My neck, my brain, my thigh, and my leg”

  • You guys cockblocked old man

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  • Yall should pimp Christo's car 😂😂 it would be funny and guaranteed views

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  • I only watch for Sarkis... He is the best!

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  • 0:40 With that crappy wrap, the car caught some rust at the windshield

    FoxtrotSierraAlfaFoxtrotSierraAlfaAcum 5 luni
  • I understand ever one likes those land rovers but tbh that's a ugly vehicle

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  • Sarkis deserves a raise and a company car and a lifetime of gas .😂

  • use your seatbelt sarkis when taping, i dont wanna hear BONG BONG BONG over the video

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  • Great way to ruin a fender

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  • 2:21 people bro... its people

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  • He really said past tense smh

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  • Throw a wrap on the shitzu 😆

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  • since the car has new York plates.....I bet you he went to the Bronx to wrap the G wagon...… from NY.....YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR... you want cheap and fast ...its going to look like pay good money will last you for years

    ALEXALEXAcum 8 luni
  • I bet it was PFS. They wrap cars like shit haha

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  • Hmm acting like teenagers at work...beating on customers cars on test drives. locality and work quality is saving your ass.. prob should tighten it up guys. Not a good look trying to be funny all day. For us who dont know you, first impression is everything. Not quite sure if i would leave my expensive whip with you or not. Just an observation. Stay safe.

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  • You are a car channel! Wear a seatbelt when you are in a Lambo! Always weat a seatbelt!

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  • What do you use for audio recording?

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  • Now that Lambo is Magic and wilde. Great job. "Run Baby Run" uk

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  • Also Vic ur not so interesting to watch u gotta have some one who more enthusiastic behavior

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  • Did ur gonna use this platform u should create better content to show off ur skills Start w different types of videos Create a daily schedule to release content on different days doing different tasks those days Inform ur viewers ur process of doing things Pick a day for small jobs Pick a day for large jobs Pick a day for client consultation This will create a unique channel

    Parker NiernsteinParker NiernsteinAcum 8 luni
  • As a business owner u should never talk about another shops work it’s a bad look , the way to do it correctly is to talk bout how your shop is! U don’t see big corporations knock others! Dude u should learn the correct way to market ur company cause ur doing a horrible job doing so

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  • It's plural not past tense dipshit, sick wraps tho

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  • everyone is talking about how mano said past tense, but it’s people not person. i was one of the first people to own this car

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  • Says who that all other places are bad and your the best ?

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    • RDB LA there’s only one way to find out

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    • RDB

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  • Umm who buys a g-wagon and buys cheap vinyl

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  • you should blur customers’ license plates because the internet can easier track down and harass your customers with it.

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  • Horrible job

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  • Right like no one can do it better than you guys!!!! Fuck out of here... I'm sure you all handmade floss before

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  • I’ve been watching this channel so long and I love it!!! Keep it gold guys!

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  • I think I just became a huge fan. It's so cool to watch. Really interesting is how your job's main purpose is probably perfectionism, especially with the wrapping. You must have a lot of knowledge to be able to take apart so many different cars and put them back together.

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  • I can’t wait to see that Defender when it’s finished.

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  • What if there is somebody doing 50 percent lower then yours and does just a good of a job if not better then you? Why not speak about those?

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  • Much respect for this shop.

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  • Imagine having to deal with a constant barrage of “Ballers on budgets” example : Rolls owners tryin to get a discount on a Wrap. I’m not saying if you own a rolls you should pay more money, but come on Guy, if you gotta shop price’s on a 3-5k wrap you should get a ride you can afford.

    Grant WestGrant WestAcum 9 luni
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  • Comment Section: Past tense? Mano Wtf Mano: (covers ears with $100 bills)

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  • ,@4:46 he bombed his bald head 😂🤣😂

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  • Wrap is pretty good for 50% less than you most of it is due to the owner hitting things like the bumper is scuffed and going through automatic car washes after many years

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  • Please use the seat belts while driving on video. It's part of doing it right.

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  • I’m just wondering how much it would cost to wrap a g wagon.

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  • Hey RDB Vik, I love your overall sling type jacket you wear, what brand is it I’m really curious? @RDBLA

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    • +1!!!!!! Hit us up Vik! Or anyone??!!

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  • Wraps are way to high...I'd rather get paint...the price for both is pretty close now...wraps wer invented as economic alternative to paint....not any more

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  • The aventador owner just want to pretend to have the money to have the sv or what ?

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  • Why would you wrap a white wagon to black? Why not just buy black to start with? lol

  • Any one like cars check it and give me feed back

    Cars For Sale ukCars For Sale ukAcum 9 luni
  • I wrap for a living at a well-established shop and it's the most frustrating thing trying to explain to people, who bring their badly wrapped vehicles in for a better job, that yes, there are cheaper options/shops/wrappers out there but that's why their first wrap failed. I don't think most people understand the amount of work that goes into a proper prep and finish. Big ups from seattle Edit: yooo I carry pop-its and throw them at my shop buddies too 🤣

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  • Is that a gun hostler? I can trust that man

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  • Title: How to not wrap a car. Me:

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    • U dumb fuck

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  • 4:50 Dam they did that man dirty 😂😂

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    • @Wendy Jeannoel wat was so funny there was nothing funny you dumbass

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    • Yeah but that shit was funny asf

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  • Who the fuck was the first person to wrap that g wagon ? They should be fired or shitting In There hands .

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  • 8:27 im dead

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  • Why would I buy a bright yellow vehicle to wrap it black

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    • hungrynapps because money isn’t the problem

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  • No vacation for you now get back to work Sarkis.

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  • Moses makes this channel!

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  • Mano can dish out harassment, but can't take any. SMH LOL #StopWhining

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  • I don’t understand people willing to pay hundreds of thousands on a vehicle but cheap out to save hundreds on its fit and finish?

    CBCBAcum 9 luni
  • “U Might be able to save $1000, $2000...” nigga what ? Im not paying more than $1500 for a wrap so if another shop kan quote me a price that’s $2k less than yours than your smoking the Finest Krack kokaine with whatever your Quotes are.

    Rodd SlipRodd SlipAcum 9 luni
  • Chelsea Truck Co Boyyyuyy🤘🏽👌🏽🤙🏽

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  • Is this guy the owner or what

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    • No it's the old man who sits in the office that's viks father and Mano those are not even their real names actually

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