Wildest Wrap Ever on a Lambo? Brabus G800 Satin Black.

14 sep. 2020
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You guys remember Chris Brown's Huracan wrap? Well here's another one on a brand new Huracan EVO! Same style but different patterns, this EVO will turn lots of heads! We did not get to film it at night to show the glowing feature but there is more to come so watch the next episode!
We also wrap up a Brabus G800 in satin black! Its proven the G's look best in this color!

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Khalid's Custom Van with a Crazy Interior, Phantom Dissection.
Batman's Rolls Royce SUV, Black Badge Cullinan.
Yo Gotti's Cars back for work, Yellow Aventador, 26" Rolls Royce Wheels.
Very Orange Lamborghini Urus, Slammed Ferrari F430 & Behind the Shop.
➤Mansory Rolls Royce Cullinan, $500,000 SUV!
➤YG's Aventador wrapped again! 500k Subscribers, Thank you!!
➤$400,000 Brabus G800 Mercedes, Super Clean Rolls Royce Cullinan.
➤1st Ever BBS LM's on a Lamborghini Aventador!
➤TOXIC Camo Lamborghini Aventador! Chief Keef Urus Shirt Winners..
➤London on Da Track picks up his Urus & a Crazy Minty Mclaren 720s.
➤Aqua Killer Ferrari 488 Looks Insane! Chief Keef Lamborghini Urus T shirt Drop!
➤Craziest, Widebody Lamborghini Aventador Ever For @shalizi, Marshmellos Manager! Liberty Walk
➤Frosted Silver Lamborghini Urus, Sexy Rolls Royce Dawn, Urus Stars!
➤TWINNING Widebody Lamborghini Urus, Crashed Huracan, New RDB Wheel Release.
➤London On Da Track Apple Green Urus, Paris Blue Mclaren 720S, Sarkis is back..
➤Very Brown Maybach, Pearly White G Wagon Brabus.
➤Cutting up a Lamborghini Aventador, Serious All Black Cullinan, AMG GTS Wheels.
➤INSANE Widebody Ferrari 458, Salomondrin drops by for RDB Shoes.
➤Fluffy Picks up his Charger & RDB Shoes, Ferrari F8 MURDERED.
➤Offset's Flat Tire, Lil Bibby's Urus with Crazy Wheels, A G63 Pearl White Wrap.
➤CHIEF KEEF'S Widebody Urus Done, Defender 90 Project Completed.
➤Customizing a Cullinan Black Badge, Battle of Maybach's, CoolKicks RDB Shoes.
➤Army Tan Raptor, Wagon AMG, Chief Keef RDB Shoes..
➤$400k Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, G Wagon Done Right!
➤Chief Keef's Yellow Widebody Lamborghini Urus.

➤#RDBLA - Rolls Royce Dawn Transformation, LA Auto Show, Aventador Sounds and More!!
➤Chris Brown Aventador SV WIDEBODY Color Fade Wrap. *CRAZY BUILD*
➤Offset's Orange TrackHawk Jeep 900HP, Turo Crashed Supra. *LOUD*

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  • RBD turning into a lambo shop only

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